3-D Star 9" Form


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Metal Finish *
  • Makes immediate, deep meditation possible for everyone.
  • Activates the connection with your inner guidance, increases awareness with balanced, deep brain function.

An empowering tool for experiencing higher consciousness

The masterful design of this form appeals to a higher sense of recognition and aesthetics. This geometric figure incorporates an array of 4 Star of Davids created into three dimensions by interlocking tetrahedrons. You can create your own healing alchemy. The 3D Star opens the crown chakra and then radiates into the body the energy of whatever you might place in the cup within the 3D Star—crystals, flower essences, herbs, oils, etc. A profound experience that can be physically felt.

The 3D Star activates connection with your inner guidance and accelerates your spiritual development. The 3D Star is an elegant addition in your home and a sophisticated tool for creating a contemplative space in your office.

"The 3-D Star is the best all-purpose energy enhancer and subtle energy device that I own.

I couldn't live without it! I use it the most and I've tried many machines, devices, and crystals worth thousands."
— Patrick Dugan, lawyer

"My client was having a difficult time meditating, with his brain waves locked in the Beta (active mind) range. We introduced the 3-D Star from Metaforms and within 30 seconds he advanced into the Theta and Delta ranges, obtaining bilateral symmetry and a significant depth of mind access."
— Trevor Hart, meditation teacher, in a session using EEG equipment

"I've never be able to meditate before now. I couldn't relax enough and focus my mind. Under the 3-D Star, I have been able to focus and I have such a strong feeling of peace. Now it's just coming together and it's wonderful. I noticed the results right away."
— Vonda Little, teacher

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