5D Star Tetrahedron Pendant - w/outer ring - Silver


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The Merkaba Mer = Light, Ka = Spirit, Ba = Body inviting energy in from the 5th dimension. 

Marvelous in its simplicity, the tetrahedron is the most basic shape to be found in the 3-dimensional universe. Metaform's Star Tetrahedron is actually 2 tetrahedrons inverted to form a 3-dimensional Star of David. This configuration of the Star Tetrahedron is formed within the first 8 cells of life at conception. The Star Tetrahedron also models the energetic body of the fully integrated human being, the blending of Heaven and Earth, Male and Female, and was known in Ancient Egyptian esoterica as the OMerkaba'. It is the divine throne or chariot mentioned in the Bible.

  • Assists the physical body to connect to the etheric body.
  • Helps to settle and calm one's fear of death - can help peaceful transition for the terminally ill.
  • Place between two people at heart level during meditation for a healing energy exchange.
  • A powerful tool for shifting patterns in DNA.
  • Shifts psychological patterns and the beliefs on which they are based.

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