Causal Ring - 6" Gold

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  • Creates a strong, toroidal flow of energy from higher dimensions with triple braided, gold plated, copper ring, natural cone magnets and silver triangle.
  • Add to Metaforms to magnify the power.

The Causal Light Ring 18" has 6 points. It may be added to many of the forms currently available to increase the energy flow thousands of times. You must experience it to believe it..  The Casual Ring, inspired by Slim Spurling, is a triple braided, gold plated, copper ring in sacred cubit dimensions, with natural cone magnets and a Sterling silver triangle. (Causal refers to the Source dimensional level where all energy originates from).

It works best with : 3-D star; Causal Vortex; all Star Tets; Star Icosahedron ; Star Dodecahedron;Stellated Earth Grid and Woven Spiral Star (when welded with adaptors)  Heaven and Earth Dorji

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