Merkaba of Oneness 6" Form - 2 payments - Gold

Our Price: $192.00


• Generates a field of peace, harmony, oneness and connection

• Supports health, vitality and energy

• Creates sacred space in your environment

• Induce feeling of oneness by activating the Shekinah and Metatron vibrations
• Spin the Merkaba above the head, or the heart chakra to address wellness.
• Helps manifest your intent.
• Brings harmony to the body, mind or emotions.
• Create sacred space in a room or a surrounding. It's a structure of beauty.
• Connect more easily to your Higher Self by fostering a peaceful environment.
• Remove unbalanced energies from a room or a surrounding

Based upon the geometry of the Gate of Grace. This sacred geometry works with the life force structures found in the human body. When it spins vortex induced vibrations interact with the body’s meridians in a way that acupuncture or light diodes cannot. Because the Merkaba of Oneness is an intention machine it does more than move energy. Wellness depends on more than just energy. The spirit mind emotions and cells themselves have been shown to be carriers of consciousness thus interacting with the power of intent. The Merkaba of Oneness can be used in a multi-purpose fashion to restore a natural state of being.

To select only the Merkabah of Oneness you must select NONE for the additional options.

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