Sphere of Health 7" Form


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Sphere of Health is a beautiful and potent geometry to shift physical and emotional patterns

• Using intent, empowers innate ability to heal physically, emotionally and mentally, releasing old patterns and restoring healhty relationships.

• With spinner, a purifying flow of energy adds peace & balance to your space.

The Sphere of Health was created to support our body’s innate ability to heal itself.  The Sphere is designed to spin, generating a peaceful and balanced environment to activate our natural healing energy flow in a graceful way.  With intent, it will radiate Divine healing that effects the physical, emotional and mental levels. This will trigger rejuvenation at a core level, making it easier to see issues and aspects of our lives in new ways. This use assists the development of new patterns and awareness for improved health and well-being. 

• Expands the pineal gland and balances the pituitary gland.

• Assists health field professionals in offices and their work places.

• Supports crystal clear understanding of one's highest vision.

• Accentuates one's ability to see auras and energy fields. 


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