Star Icosahedron Pendant - Silver

Our Price: $174.00


• Joyfully experience divine grace, love and higher knowing.

• Align with inner guidance to help achieve your goals, new horizons.

• Advances creativity and awareness.

• The Star Icosahedron immediately creates a joyful, expansive feeling that connects you to your soul.

• The Star Icosahedron resonates with the shape of the light body and will help you receive higher knowledge and guidance.

• Activates and increases the light and life force energy of the chakras for energy balancing and evolution.

• This faciliates a soul connection enhancing the mental capabilites for learning, creativity and communication.

"It creates a gradual strengthening of the subtle bodies etheric and astral--- so that one can more easily detach to gain knowledge and further information and then quickly return to physical to transmit such. "  Hilarian channeled by Jon Fox

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