Stellated Earth Grid 9" Form

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Metal Finish *

Enhances personal power, assists in creative expression & productivity. Harmonizes group dynamics, creating sacred space with a large universal field. Grounds creation, vision, and balance

Extend star points from the Earth Grid in a phi ratio from the pentagonal sides of the internal dodecahedron, and you have one of our most beautiful and intricate forms. Woven into the dodecahedron is an icosahedron. It represents the combined energies of human and divine creation in the 3rd dimension. The energy flow in the Stellated Earth Grid helps transcend duality and creates a sense of unity. It allows the sending and receiving of energy and information, grounding the energy so you can easily integrate it. Stunning in its timeless presence, the Stellated Earth Grid radiates visual magic as it spins with a candle light in its center (as seen on our "About Metaforms" page).

  • Grounds personal power and assists in creative expression.
  • Harmonizes group dynamics and is a catalyst for productivity.
  • Creates a balanced integration of "as above so below" in the human archetype.
  • Can be used to move, create, and strengthen earth energy vortices, and to clear negative geopathics.
  • Great for creating sacred space and charging crystals and elixers.
  • Spinning the Stellated Earth Grid increases the periphery of its radiated field by many miles.
  • Facilitates deep inner exploration and release of stuck emotions.
  • Visualizing before sleep serves as an anchor point for astral body in dreams.

"The Stellated Earth Grid shifted me into a space of creativity, balance, and knowingness."
Nayda Correa, business owner

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