Our Price: $188.00

A tool that serves one comprehensive purpose: connection.

• Increase vitality, creativity and joy, knowing all is well

• Be spiritually centered, feel empowered and grounded.

• Advance your intuitive abilities. Know what to do and proceed without procrastination

• Reduce stress and enhance awareness

• Improve sleep and rejuvenation

Our Price: $1,098.00

The set contains 7 I.Connects, each set with a high quality gemstone in the center that relates to the energy of one of the seven chakras. Crown ~ amethyst;  Third eye ~ iolite;  Throat ~ blue sapphire;  Heart ~ emerald;  Solar plexus ~ citrine;  Sacral ~ orange sapphire;  Base ~ garnet.  The full set rests on a cherrywood base.

Our Price: $398.00

The I.Connect has found its true relationship in the We.Connect to be the center of this lovely lotus-like structure for your home or office to broadcast health, well-being and connection. As the We.Connect turns on its base with colored lights, it radiates universal frequencies that are aligned with your I.Connect for pure, elevated connections and relationships for your life. It creates an ambiance of ease, relaxation, clarity, expansion and creativity. It oscillates within the bands of a deeply relaxed sense of ‘rightness’ to a sense of energized focus. Whether in a home or professional environment, better communication, connection and flow is apparent, fort people to co-create in more harmonious ways. Stainless steel on cherry wood base.

Comes with Activator disk, Causal Ring and LED base spinner.   I.Connect sold separately